Folsom Prison Home Run Derby

 We use Sports as a tool to reach inmates for Jesus. We've been to Folsom Prison, San Quentin, USP Leavenworth, USP Florence, Angola-Louisiana State Prison, Raiford-Florida State Prison, Federal Prisons and Private Prisons 

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We use Sports as a tool to reach inmates for Jesus. folsom prison federal bureau of prisons private prisons

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About Me

 My name is Steve Butler and I love Jesus, My Wife, Family, Work and Softball. I've played softball in 77 different prisons around the Nation, Tawain and China.

  1.  Religion is Mans attempt to get close to God.
  2. Jesus is Gods attempt to get close to Man.

 Having been inside America's toughest prisons, I know what it takes for a Man to leave and be a better Husband, Father, Employee and Neighbor. A relationship with the Almighty who can radically change you from the inside out!

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